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The chair of music education.

Head of the department: (Professor’s fullname) senior lecturer Azizov Orifjon
Address: Street Uychi 316,Namangan city Room 105, floor1, Building 8, chair of music education, the faculty of pedagogy NamSu
Tel: +998939125504, +998939442517

Information about chair of music education

Head of chair-O.Azizov.

Chair of music education was founded in 1992. In 1992-1994 head of chair was N.Abdullaev, in 1994- Doctor of Philosophy Science, professor A.Tsai, in 1995-1997 senior lecturer S.Narkuziev, in 1998 candidate of Art Science-A.Azizov, in 1999-2000 senior teacher A.Komilov, in 2000-2001 senior lecturer S.Norkuziev were heading the chair of music education.

In 2003-2005 chair was headed by national artist of Uzbekistan O.Nuraliev, in 2006 by O.Azizov, in 2007 by D.Hamdamov. From February of 2008 N.Abdullaev was appointed as head of chair , from 2010 till January of 2013 chair was headed by O.Azizov.

From 2013-2015 lecturer K.Rakhmatov was appointed as head of chair. From 2015 till now chair is headed by O.Azizov.

Chair prepares bachelors in “5141000 Music Education” direction. In this direction 108 students are educated.

8 teachers work in this chair. They are: professor O.Azizov, senior teachers : T.Ortikov, N.Abdullaev, K.Rakhmatov, R.Kushinova,; teachers: M.Mirabdullaev, Z.Sultanova, G.Toshmatov. Scientific potential of the chair is 14,3%.

In 2008 gifted student  Ergashev Shavkat won  Republic prize “Нихол” in the direction of “Народные песни” (Folk songs). In January of 2009, the winner of the fourth Republic contest, dedicated to the memory of national artist of Uzbekistan and Republic of Karakalpakstan  Otajan Xudoyshukurov, was student of the chair Nozima Parpieva. In 2008 on of the students of the chair Gulmira Odilova won honorable 2nd place in Republic contest of dancing. In 2008-2010 the winner of the contest “Нихол” in the direction of opera, taken place in Namangan region, was student of the chair Sadokat Yuldasheva. In 2011 first year student Turabaeva Zilola won one of the honorable places in the contest “Oltin Meros ”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary o Independence of the Uzbekistan in nomination “Мумтоз ва мақом куйғашулалар”. In 2013-2014 students of the “Music education” faculty won honorable 2nd and 3rd places in Republic contest “Ягонасан муқаддас Ватан” taken place in Tashkent.

Basic scientific, educational and methodical works published by teachers of the faculty:

1.K.Rakhmatov, “Инсон ғанимат” DVD.-Tashkent, 2009. (Studio “Охангмедия”, 500 copies).

2.T.Ortikov textbook “Мусиқа ва унга муносабатлар тарихи”. Tashkent, 2015.

3.O.Azizov textbook “Специальность”, Tashkent, 2010.

4.T.Ortikov textbook “Методика преподавания музыки’, Tashkent, 2011.

5.O.Azizov textbook “Сольфеджио”, Tashkent, 2014.

6.O.Azizov textbook “Навоий ва мусиқа”, Namangan, 2015.

7.Pedagogy staff includes in itself the chair of music education, which prepares bachelors

In the educational direction: 5111100- music in common professional and special disciplines, included in curriculum of this direction.  The chair realizes educational, educational-methodical, scientific-methodical and spiritual-educational work among students in order to prepare high-qualified specialists.

8 people work in the chair. In professional-teaching staff of the chair are included the followings: O.Azizov(professor), 4 senior teachers : T.Ortikov, N.Abdullaev,K.Rakhmatov, R.Kushinova; teachers: M.Mirabdullaev, Z.Sultanova, G.Toshmatov. Scientific potential of the chair is 14,3%.

The activity of the chair of music education includes in itself educational, educational-methodical, spiritual-educational, scientific-researching works based on plans, acting during 3-5 years. The implementation of the planned tasks is discussed at the meetings of the chair under the leadership of the head of the chair.

Chair of music education cooperates with different  educational institutions, such:

oTashkent state University named after Nizami;

oAndijan State University;

oKokand State Pedagogy Institute ;

oNamangan Art College;

oNamangan Pedagogy College;

oDepartment of culture of Namangan region;

oNamangan Children’s school of Music and Art №11;

In 2013 Z.Turaboeva was awarded the state prize “Нихол”. Students of music education faculty won 2nd and 3rd places in the contest “Ягонасан муқаддас Ватан” in 2013-2014.Professor O.Azizov published textbook “Сольфеджио” in 2014, and in 2015 textbook named “Навоий ва мусиқа”. Senior teacher of the chair T.Artikov published educational-methodical textbook “Мусиқа ва унга муносабатлар тарихи” in 2015.



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