Namangan State University established in 1941 as a pedagogical college and obtained university status in 1992. The university is considered one of the best universities in Uzbekistan, with a strong educational potential aimed at using the most modern technology in training. The university is an educational center with a wide range of study programs which is traditional for a classic universities, where the humanitarian and natural sciences are complemented by training of specialists in the labor market in economics, services, agriculture, etc. All conditions have been created so that university education can become a solid foundation for expanding the professional potential of graduates.

The university has all the necessary conditions for learning: academic buildings, provided with all the necessary equipment for the audience, modern laboratories, a comfortable university hostel, a sports and fitness complex.

The university conducts successful cooperations with foreign universities. Teaching staff and talented students are regularly sent to advanced foreign higher educational institutions to take part in internship programs and seminars. In recent years, the university has managed not only to preserve its scientific potential, but also to noticeably strengthen it, while constantly developing ties with the business community, with all the leading enterprises in the region.

The most important indicator of the university is the quality of training of students. Alumni of the university are currently prominent world-class scientists, famous athletes and managers of large enterprises. Today, the most important thing for young people is to study in a higher educational institution, where the knowledge and skills obtained will help them secure their future. Such a place for them is Namangan State University.

The teaching staff of the university consists of highly qualified specialists that meet international standards.

Number of teaching staff - 600
Number of doctors of sciences and professors - 17
Number of Candidates of Science and Associate Professors, PhD - 165
Number of Undergraduate students - 10 000
Number of Master students - 220
Number of Doctoral students - 42,
Number of Pupils of the Academic Lyceum - 1600
Number of Ibrat School Students - 1200

Address of the Namangan State University:

316, Uychi street, Namangan city, 160100, Republic of Uzbekistan.
Phone numbers: +998 69 2270144, +998 69 2270445

Web site of university:


Faculties of Namangan State University:

  1. Faculty of physics and mathematics
  2. Faculty of natural sciences
  3. Faculty of English language
  4. Faculty of philology
  5. Faculty of pedagogy
  6. Faculty of physical culture
  7. Faculty of social and economics
  8. Faculty of professional education
  9. Center of coordinating the Joint Programs.

Departments of Namangan State University:

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Differential equation and mathematical physics
  4. Applied mathematics and information technology
  5. Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. Geography
  8. Ecology
  9. English language and literature
  10. Methods of teaching English
  11. Practical course of English language
  12. Inter-faculty foreign languages
  13. Uzbek language and literature
  14. German and French languages
  15. Russian language and literature
  16. Pedagogy and phycology
  17. Methodology of educating the primary school
  18. Methodology of preschool education
  19. Musical education and socio-cultural activities
  20. Theory of physical culture and teaching methods of sports disciplines
  21. Sports activities
  22. Basics of physiology and valeology
  23. History
  24. Archive studies
  25. Economics
  26. The national idea, principles of spirituality and legal education
  27. Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan
  28. Visual arts and engineering graphics
  29. Professional education.



At the lyceum, seven foreign languages are taught: English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese.



Currently there are 6 disciplines in the Academic Lyceum.

Technical disciplines,


Natural science,

Foreign philology,



The university has dual degree educational programs with Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.Herzen (St.Petersburg) and starting from the 2018-2019 academic year it trains cadres in the following educational areas of undergraduate studies:

  • 5111300 - “Russian language literature for foreign groups” (NamSU)
  • 03.02 - “Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures” (RSPU)
  • 5130200 - “Physics” (NamSU)
  • 03.01 - “Physics education” (RSPU).
  • 5130200 - “Applied mathematics and informatics” (NamSU)
  • 03.01 - “Informatics and information technologies in education” (RSPU).   


  • World bank, Association of international development, Fund of academic innovation, the project on “Creation of an educational and methodical simulator for aquaculture”
  • “ModeHEd” project of Erasmus+ program,
  • “IMEP” project of Erasmus+ program,
  • “UZDOC-2.0” project of Erasmus+ program,
  • Erasmus+ “КА Mobility projects,